The End Of Planet Earth – Game Jam – Unity3D


A big blackhole is growing in the galaxy ! He will eat the earth and all the universe ! Prepare your rocket and try to survive ! Who will earn the best score ? Play here Game made between 10 and  12 april 2020, during game jam HitboxMakers édition “Quarantaine”

Guinea Pig – Release – Windows

Guinea Pig Home

This game was made for the #LOWERZJAM 2017 on In this platformer use your grapnel to pass through the 8 levels. CONTROLS : Space : Use grapnel Directional Arrow : movement Download the game there :

Svoboda – HTML5 Game – Student Project

Svoboda is a platformer game, did with ten other Isart Digital Student. We were inspire by “Ronin”. The game is in HTML5, with the engine PixiJs and we use Haxe to write the JS. We produce the game between April and June 2015. You can play the game there :