The end of planet earth


And who I am


I’m an enthousiaste Software developper.

I write my first line of code when I was 14 years old. And since my first self-taught program, I became a passionate programmer.

Educate with a Master degree of Gameplay Programmer in 2017. I continue to learn new languages and technologies.

I’m interest in many field : AI, Data, UX, Teaching, SysAdmin, Management, electronics… So aside from my main job I build new project and contribute to open source project.

On this site you can find some of my personnal project.

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Constantly improving and learning
I Work mainly on .NET and with Unity. My side projects are often close to JavaScript.
  • Software and Backend

  • Game and Mobile development

  • Leaving the comfort zone : everyday

  • Meet the deadline

They trust me

We work together


Here : my lasts projects